Hosted European golf tours with travel, accommodation and local dining.


Golf trips are a huge winner for Rexel, giving them the incentives that really excite their clients and staff, at a rate that makes them surprisingly affordable to deliver. We host a selected team of 15-20 of Rexel's clients and escort them round some of the best golf courses on these short-stay business trips. To make the most of every day, we ensure these run like clockwork.

From the moment people get on the flight, to the awaiting golf carts, to the moment they arrive home, we organise and oversee the complete timetable.

Hosting these trips means we are there for the Rexel team all the way, and remain available 24 hours a day to deal with any issue that might arise – however small. The result is that the group can enjoy their golf, do business and relax over dinner. Which is the reason we’ve delivered these trips year-after-year, making each one different whilst keeping the quality and atmosphere consistently high.

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