FTSE100 Company

One spectacular night of entertainment for 450 people, with immersive brand-led exhibition and kinetic lighting show, at the O2 Intercontinental London Hotel.


For this major international company we firstly organise a series of regional events for 40-60 people, where winners go on to join the national awards ceremony in London at the O2 Intercontinental Hotel. Each year this national ‘Oscars night’ is themed by us, taking key words from the business vision and translating it into cutting-edge use of lighting, narratives and visuals.

At the most recent event we were proud to source and install an extensive kinetic lighting show that made a spectacular and dynamic atmosphere for the 450 attendees. The evening begins with an immersive visitor exhibition space, connecting the core ambitions of the brand to support loyalty across the retail buyer and sales network. It goes on to become an evening of entertainment, with a number of acts all in one night – pianist, string quartet playing alongside the kinetic lighting, interactive dancers with 3D-mapping screens, band and DJ set. 

For this truly mammoth event, we deliver it all. From the planning and theme development all the way to the individual table dressings.

We handle the delegate management, including the travel reimbursement system as well as the registration process. Our team researches every aspect, to ensure that the client gets new and exciting elements that really push boundaries, whilst also matching the audience expectations. As a result, satisfaction rates amongst the retail sales network report this as “the best ever”.


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