FTSE100 company

Accommodation and logistics for 600 people.
A smooth-running sales conference.
A wow-factor night.


Hotels that can hold 600 people are few and far between. We know them all. This company was holding their sales team event with everyone from across the UK. As well as running smoothly, it had to be fun, it had to be exciting. Firstly, we negotiated hard for a location that everyone could travel to, achieving a massive cost saving on this substantial aspect of the investment. 

From there we handled all the complexity – bussing 300 delegates from the headquarters direct to the venue, handling check-in for all 600, and co-ordinating six experienced event managers to oversee every detail of the day.

The evening began with a fleet of London buses delivering everyone to the national institution that is the Madame Tussauds waxworks museum. But this was not just a private look around. It was an evening where we had organised a take-over of the entire venue. George Clooney and Ab-Fab characters were just some of the real-life look-a-likes that mingled and entertained.

A DJ set and band ensured everyone was on the dance floor, and the food and wine flowed to everyone’s satisfaction. To close the night, everyone was seen safely back to the hotel after a very special experience that was the invigorating event of the year.

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