Credit Flux

SOS - help needed fast. New York venues found and booked in 48 hours.


The trouble with New York is that most business people have already been. It’s difficult to find something unique. And the reality is that good venues are already booked far in advance. The London-based Marketing Manager for Credit Flux needed a venue for an event just months away. An urgent brief was sent to various agencies. We responded the same day, with calls and immediate updates on the options we could secure.

We prepared a shortlist, booked the venue, handled the contract, negotiated the rates and handed it back.

Our no-nonsense job here was to assist with this one aspect, at a time when everyone is up against it.

Using our experience and contacts, we found venues that would have taken far too long for other people to search for. When the pressure is on, we know where to look and we know how to negotiate.

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