Your team, our team, their team – controlling the chaos


As our corporate clients know well, confirming the business needs for what must be achieved, who exactly will be presenting or hosting (let alone attending), is a moving feast – and very often this is the case right up to the last minute. Things change, people forget what they agreed many months earlier, and new people add different expectations just when everything was beginning to settle. We know this is the reality and we’re flexible to meet changing needs at any point. That’s why we manage our clients in person. Yes, we track the paperwork and our destination contacts are right up to date – but we don’t automate our process or push any clients into off-the-shelf packages.

In any project we can be working with multiple voices on the client side and we’ll handle all the contacts destination side – from the hotels, the restaurants, the tours, the clubs, the transport and all of their representatives on the ground. And before it all starts, our team walks through every moment, step-by-step, to visualise every eventuality and expectation, so that out of the inevitable chaos, all your guests get is the very smoothest experience.