Exceptional worldwide incentive activities


We are a Worldwide ready incentive travel agency, and here are some of our favourite activities...


St Patrick’s Day, US
Irish-Americans have built St. Patrick’s Day into an event that rivals the July Fourth or Halloween holidays, and the best celebrations can be found on the streets of major Irish cities such as Boston, Chicago, and New York. Guinness, green shirts and shamrocks are, of course, required to experience the parties and parades for this festive feast.



Day of the Dead, Mexico
This lively three-day festival is all about celebrating members of the family and friends who are no longer alive. Fireworks fill the sky and thousands of people dance all night in the streets. Mexicans dress up as skeletons and the traditional La Catrina figure and a vivid procession with hundreds of performers parades along a four-mile route through the capital.



Lantern Festival, Thailand
Make your private wish among the crowds of people as thousands of baskets with candles are set afloat along the river at night. Traditional Thai dance shows and Buddhist purification ceremonies cleanse your spirit in this festival that welcomes the end of the rainy season. It begins in the still and silence of the night while monks meditate, surrounded by flickering candles.