Sweating the small stuff


Booking venues just takes a few phone calls, right? Wrong.

When carrying our our venue finding services, our checklists for making sure venues are right and costs are clear are very thorough. Here are just a few of the possible hidden extras that we seek out to ensure your budgets really are on track:

Porterage charges
It’s common knowledge that mini-bar charges will be added at check-out, but some hotels will add a porterage fee for group bookings - even if your team didn’t use the bellboy service and regardless of whether they already gave them a hefty tip. We ensure you won’t have any arguments with the staff on reception.

When negotiating business booking rates, removing breakfast can become part of why you feel you just got a great deal. Assuming breakfast would of course be included is still a common pitfall that will frustrate your people when they discover it at check-in – it’s a mistake we don’t make.

Airport pick-up parking
Having a driver to greet at airports is a reassuring welcome to any destination. But what if they have disappeared to top-up their parking ticket, or they’re doing laps outside before they use their limited free pick-up space? That arrival moment can suddenly fall apart unless it is managed in every detail – better still, one of our team will be there with you.

Because costs are so important to negotiating and selecting destinations, venues and experiences, hiding ‘taxes not included’ can become part of the sales process. This can be disastrous if discovered on arrival or later in the payment statement – we check those contracts with very fine-toothed combs.

Energy fees
Energy surcharges can appear on a per room basis, but watch for them especially with big venues and events that require sound systems and lighting. In some situations, this can create major extra costs and being unaware will not get the situation rectified – we ensure there are no hidden surprises.

If you would like to speak to us about your venue finding needs then please just get in touch.