Indulgent cultural experiences in Europe



Carnival of Venice, Italy
Held over eight days, this festival of pageants and balls is world famous for its elaborate masks. The streets are filled with these spectacular and vibrant artistic creations until the festivities come to an end with a firework finale on Shrove Tuesday. Bring your costumes and masks and prepare to feast before Lent.


La Tomatina in Valencia, Spain
This epic ticket-only tomato fight lasts for one intense hour when nearly 200,000 tomatoes are thrown in what is arguably the world’s biggest food fight. The entire town and all those involved are completely covered before the streets and the people are washed down. Be ready for mess and carnage.



Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
Over six million liters of ‘liquid gold’ will be drunk at the world’s largest beer festival. Alongside there are amusements, stalls, games and traditional Bavarian foods to create this carnival. Its roots began as a celebration of the marriage of King Ludwig back in the 18th Century, and Oktoberfest continues to be the ultimate in German hospitality.

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