Creativity and culture


Nashville, USA
British Airways is starting a non-stop service from Heathrow, opening-up the first direct route since 1995. This musical legend of a destination, that has never ceased to be alive and kicking with bars and ‘Dixie culture’, has attracted a new generation of chefs and designers alongside the music industry. Victorian mansions and former studios are being repurposed into award-winning coffee houses and restaurants.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Argentinean capital is an intense experience for those who revel in creativity. It is said to be a place that will drive you crazy – but in a good way. It is home to an impressive collection of galleries, and in 2018 the Art Basel Cities programme promises to elevate its reputation in the global art scene.

Hong Kong
This island city with its stunning skyline has major new hotels, bars and restaurants opening. A sophisticated blend of east and west, full of locals and international settlers, is packed with chaotic markets and ancient traditions. The recent opening of the world’s largest bridge now puts the three cities of Zhuhai, Macau, and Hong Kong within an hour’s commute of each other.